More than 50 actors acted in the movie «The Song of the Tree».
The total involved in the movie has been over 1200 people.
One of the movie’s aim was to show the Kyrgyz games «Kok-Bora» and «Kuroch». Four teams for the game «Kok-Bora» have acted in the movie.
All tricks were made under the guidance of the professional stuntmen.
Except some episodes, actors made the tricks themselves. Sometimes with safety wires, sometimes without them.
All songs in the movie were sung by professional singers. Instruments were played by professional performers. All roles were acted by professional actors.
Specially for the movie 220 costumes were sewed. All costumes of the main characters are handmade, without usage of sewing machines, as the movie narrates about events of the 18th century when there were no sewing machines.